Ki Creighton

Ki Creighton


Ki Creighton is a 20 year veteran of the UK house music circuit, having cut his teeth in the early 90’s warehouse and illegal rave circuit Kigrew up through that decade attending legendary clubs like the Hacienda, Wigan Pier , the Loveshack and liverpool’s iconic Cream.

His love the scene has seen Kiplay at the most in demand parties both in this country and abroad. since the early 90’s Kihas been buying music from the massive rise of the vinyl generation up to today’s more digitized formats and his knowledge of the scene is second to none.

Present day see’s Kialong side Matt Tyson run Carlisle’s ultra cool “uber” night attracting every big hitter to the most northern city in England on a regular basis . Its a dream team according to kiwho hails matt as one of the finest promoters in the country who has respect from all angles.

Ki’s DJ style is heavily rooted in the house vibe , with techno and tech-house all ever present , having warmed up for the big hitters at uber as well as guesting at the likes of circus in liverpool , back to basics in leeds and newcastle’s shindig this is one DJ who’s been there and seen it all.